#1 Secret to Joining the Wealthy: Nix Your Bad Money Habits


Honestly, you can’t believe that you’ll ever move up into the wealthy class behaving like a poor person, can you? Whatever you’ve been telling yourself, why you Can’t save money, Don’t have a substantial investment portfolio, or Just don’t seem to be making progress on your goals… Start by admitting they’re excuses for doing what […]

Savers Win, Spendthrifts Get to Work Until They Die

During the last economic downturn the big news was that folks were paying off their debt and saving more money. Seems that trend has petered out now that we’ve “recovered”. Reports for 2013 show we saved only 4.5% of gross income – no wonder most people don’t even have a $1,000 cushion in their bank […]

Money Diva goes Yakezie!


What is the Yakezie Challenge, you ask? Yakezie is a network of Personal Finance bloggers that promote and support each other. The Yakezie Challenge is a 6-month program for those starting out with the Y-network. The requirements are: Blog about personal finance or lifestyle Commit to blog regularly Install the Alexa toolbar to share and […]

How to Achieve Competence in Your Personal Finances and Wealth Building


Money, finances and good decision making are topics rarely covered in our educational system and many parents also fail to properly teach them – probably because they didn’t know how to manage their own money. I grew up in a house where money was a secret of my father’s.  And he wasn’t a very good […]

Investing Know-How: Small Capitalization Growth Stocks

MD Russell2000 2013

Today we’re covering an advanced investment topic:  Picking individual stocks for your portfolio. This comes after you’ve established a base with an asset allocation plan and ETFs to cover all the major components of your plan. Searching out small but publicly traded companies (on a major exchange, not a “penny stock” or pink sheet), can […]

How Do High Earners Become Wealthy?

MD blackboard_math

Many people I talk with earn a high wage or business income but if they quit working, the income quits too and soon (in a matter of a couple weeks for many) they are broke! You saw all the stories during the last recession – even if just one of a two earner family gets […]

It’s June – Do You Know What Your Money’s Doing??

MD Piggy Bank Summer

Your June, Mid-Year Money Review It’s here – we’re almost half-way done with the year and so it’s time to review or set new money goals. Put these on your calendar and get them done before summer vacation time rolls around!  WEEK 1 – Dig out the budget You need to do this at the […]

To Borrow, or not to Borrow (from your 401k), that is the question…

MD 401k loan nest eggs

A lot of financial advisors and pundits say “Don’t borrow from your 401(k)” but I say maybe you should. First, know the rules which are set by the IRS for loans and withdrawals from deferred income accounts like 401k and IRAs. 401k loans come in 2 types: > The 5 year payback and > The […]

What’s Your Magic Number?

If you want to be part of the elite senior demographic – those who live well off savings and investment income instead of a salary – you’re gonna have to do some planning and some calculating. Getting to what we call financial freedom doesn’t often happen by accident. And, if you’re not there yet, your […]

What Does Warren Say?


The 2013 Berkshire-Hathaway report, with its Chairman’s letter from Warren Buffett was released last week. It’s a great read, (click here for the original letter) and there are always some actionable items for us non-professionals, including these quotes: Both individuals and institutions will constantly be urged to be active by those who profit from giving […]