Got Money? Know How it Works?


Take a few minutes and improve your understanding of economic principles by watching this engaging video: Tell us what you think in the comments below… Live Long and Prosper, Leah the

Timing the “Markets” with Warren Buffett


 Biggest investing mistakes? Sins of omission according to Buffett. Meet me at the bar next time you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket! Live Long and Prosper, Leah the

What’s Stopping You – Budgeting and Planning Obstacles


It’s hard to find anyone who’s willing to argue that planning and goal setting won’t help secure a better, more secure, financial future. So why do so many of us fail to plan? Manana/tomorrow is the most common excuse people make when asked to spend time planning, goal setting and budgeting. We’ve always got more […]

#1 Secret to Joining the Wealthy: Nix Your Bad Money Habits


Honestly, you can’t believe that you’ll ever move up into the wealthy class behaving like a poor person, can you? Whatever you’ve been telling yourself, why you Can’t save money, Don’t have a substantial investment portfolio, or Just don’t seem to be making progress on your goals… Start by admitting they’re excuses for doing what […]

Leading Economic Indicators for Successful Investors


Ahhh, the dismal science – economics. So called because of the dismal (and spectacularly wrong) projections of mass starvation made by 19th century economist Thomas Malthus. Calling economics dismal may be appropriate, calling it a science is sometimes questionable. Economist have been wrong so many times, you may wonder why we bother to look when […]

How Do You Create a Financially Successful Retirement?


The evidence is clear: people who can envision themselves in their “golden years” during middle-age have more successful retirements. They successfully create financial security (and the mental and physical good health that accompany it) for their post-working lives. If you don’t have a clear target, or an accurate map, you’re likely to spend time and […]

Do You Need to Be a Top Income Earner to Be Wealthy?


Let’s face it – the average salary or income makes it pretty hard to get ahead financially. The current political debate is full of banter about rising income disparity, lagging middle-income salaries and lack of employment opportunities for young workers, even those who complete their college degrees. Maybe you heard about or even read the […]

Savers Win, Spendthrifts Get to Work Until They Die

During the last economic downturn the big news was that folks were paying off their debt and saving more money. Seems that trend has petered out now that we’ve “recovered”. Reports for 2013 show we saved only 4.5% of gross income – no wonder most people don’t even have a $1,000 cushion in their bank […]

Money Diva goes Yakezie!


What is the Yakezie Challenge, you ask? Yakezie is a network of Personal Finance bloggers that promote and support each other. The Yakezie Challenge is a 6-month program for those starting out with the Y-network. The requirements are: Blog about personal finance or lifestyle Commit to blog regularly Install the Alexa toolbar to share and […]

How to Achieve Competence in Your Personal Finances and Wealth Building


Money, finances and good decision making are topics rarely covered in our educational system and many parents also fail to properly teach them – probably because they didn’t know how to manage their own money. I grew up in a house where money was a secret of my father’s.  And he wasn’t a very good […]