February: 28 Day Challenge – Save $1,000 #6

28 daysThe shortest month comes in a nice 4 week package so we’re going to use it to accomplish a financial milestone:

Save $1,000 or more, in the next 4 weeks, that you can use to invest for your future financial freedom.

Save $1,000+ in 28 days #6

Total Monthly Savings: $452

Do your grocery shopping online. Seriously.

You get the best prices, save time and avoid impulse purchases. If you think it’s only for getting second-hand stuff or books, you need to update your shopping sites.

Yeah, the biggies Amazon and Ebay are still bringing great values delivered to your doorstep or mailbox. But there’s so many more options for shopping and saving via your phone or computer. Check these out:

Your local farmers.

We know you can get packaged goods (food, clothes, bedding) for less money when you buy it online. But, fresh vegetables, especially if you buy organic, are always pricey and require frequent trips to the farmers’ market or store, right? Not if you sign up, online of course, for a CSA box.

CSA stands for  community supported agriculture, and in many cases, involves a big box of just-picked, local, and organic produce delivered to your home for less than you’d pay at the farmer’s market OR the store.

Why is it less for this superior product that’s delivered to you? No store overhead and no spoilage when the farmer knows his produce is pre-sold!

For example, here’s a listing from my local search:

XXXX Farm offers year-round, 8-12 organic produce items each week, cost $33 per week. Numerous options for places to pick-up and can also provide delivery to your home.

VISIT: Google search “CSA name of city/town, state”

BUY: Farm fresh, in season produce.

SAVE: At $35 a box, delivered every week (and shared with a friend if you’re single), you can save at least $10 per week on produce. and 2 hours per week going to the farmer’s market or grocery store.

VISIT: Amazon.com

BUY: Do you use canned tomatoes? They’re used to make tomato soup, chili, and pasta sauces. Recently, canned, organic, ‘fire-roasted’ tomatoes are $0.30 less per can on Amazon.con than at the grocery store. You can buy in bulk or setup recurring shipments just like you can for toilet paper, soap, facial scrub, cereal, organic tea, vitamins, and just about everything else.

Whenever I check, name brands sell for 20% – 35% below retail. Plus the free shipping saves you gas and time.

And not just for you… but for our furry (and expensive) friends!

VISIT: OnlyNaturalPet.com

BUY: All the top quality foods and treats for dogs and cats.

SAVE: When you set up automatic pet food delivery (you choose the brand and frequency), and,enjoy the 10% rewards. New customers gt 15% off and free shipping to give it a try.

Since pets eat all the time, and pet food and supplies are bulky and time consuming to obtain, removing the hassle factor is a big plus too.

So, even if you already do some of your shopping online, you’ve got to be able to use one of the sites above to save you some money this month!

Save: $50 this month, $600 this year (at least). 

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