#1 Secret to Joining the Wealthy: Nix Your Bad Money Habits

Honestly, you can’t believe that you’ll ever move up into the wealthy class behaving like a poor person, can you? Whatever you’ve been telling yourself, why you Can’t save money, Don’t have a substantial investment portfolio, or Just don’t seem to be making progress on your goals… Start by admitting they’re excuses for doing what … Read more

Leading Economic Indicators for Successful Investors

Ahhh, the dismal science – economics. So called because of the dismal (and spectacularly wrong) projections of mass starvation made by 19th century economist Thomas Malthus. Calling economics dismal may be appropriate, calling it a science is sometimes questionable. Economist have been wrong so many times, you may wonder why we bother to look when … Read more

How Do You Create a Financially Successful Retirement?

The evidence is clear: people who can envision themselves in their “golden years” during middle-age have more successful retirements. They successfully create financial security (and the mental and physical good health that accompany it) for their post-working lives. If you don’t have a clear target, or an accurate map, you’re likely to spend time and … Read more