Color Me Cautious – Money and the Modern Woman

I’ve been talking and writing about financials and wealth for a good long while now. I’ve been thinking and studying about this critical component of life even longer. So why am I even more concerned, even disspirited about the average woman’s grasp of the skills to earn, spend, save, and invest capital? Because the odds of anyone going from nothing to wealthy seem even more remote now than at any time in my lifetime. 

sick woman Maybe I’m a Bit Cynical, but Really?? 

I recently relistened to Michael Lewis’ podcast (Aginst the Rules season 1) about how the personal finance business manipulates consumers into transferring vast amounts of wealth to the financial sector. It focused on one woman and her student loan debt but delved into the evolution of consumer debt finance. Including the attempts to regulate it via the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau which was created by Elizabeth Warren after the housing debt financial crisis of 2008/09. The Trump administration has destroyed it from within by replacing the director with a crony. But not before it was able to recover $12 Billion from rip-offs. So yeah, I’m cynical but still cautiously optimistic that we can prevail. 

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