Daily Actions that Make You Poor(er)

When you’re ready to be wealthy, you must be willing to drop your poor habits:

Eating fast and junk food calories –


The combination of money being sucked out of your wallet and the low nutritional value that contributes to brain fog and low energy keeps you poor. Ditch the drive-thru and pack healthy and low cost snacks of veggies, fruits and whole-grains.

Listening to the radio on your commutes – 

Check out the audio versions of new and classics books from your local library and play them on your CD or mp3 player instead. You may not even need to visit the library; many have online check-out for ebook and mp3s.

Failing to set written goals and make plans –

Decide on ONE objective each day that moves you closer to your next goal.

Now, make a “ToDo” list of the steps needed to get your objective done and follow it.

Acting like a sloth –

Yeap, you gotta move the bod – participating in an aerobically challenging activity 4 or more days a week keeps your energy high and your butt off the couch.

Never reading a book –

Read a nonfiction book or two every month – spend 30 minutes everyday reading for personal and business improvement.

Thinking only of yourself –

The big secret to getting more is to give more! Trick is, you don’t give to get, you give for the joy of giving.

Hibernating (even during the summer) –

Financially successful people interact with others. Meetups and formal networking groups abound so, start checking them out and meeting new people in your community. BTW, go with the goal of helping the people you meet, you’ll be surprised at how popular that makes you!

Watching hours of TV everyday –

Turn the boob-tube off and do your reading! Yes, there are informative programs and there is a place for entertainment but after you read and get out into your community helping and connecting with real, live people.

Telling everyone exactly what you think of them –

Bite your tongue next time you’re tempted to give someone a “piece of your mind”. Listen more and think before you speak. You’ll automatically seem smarter and get along better with others.

Sleeping in –

Set the alarm clock at least 2 hours ahead of the time you must leave for work. This gives you plenty of time to look your best, take healthy food and get some work done at home when you’re fresh. Bosses love employees who show up early and are already productive (and they reward them with promotions and raises).

Playing your “lucky” lotto numbers every week –

Really? Instead, if you put that $5 in your savings and investment account and learn to make it grow, you will be wealthier – guaranteed.

Pick one (I suggest starting with setting goals and a daily objective) and start replacing poor habits with wealthy habits and activities.

Live Long and Prosper – Leah

PS. Have you had a success making wealthy habits work for you?

Tell us in the comments below!

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