Give and You Shall Receive?

How do you decide who and how much to give?

Has vs Give


Charitable giving is a bit like saving – if you start early, even when you think you have nothing to spare, and  use an automatic method to give consistently, it will enrich your life in ways you may not expect!

I’m not a fan of the give expecting a return school of thought; that I save for business transactions. But I do know that the act of giving makes the idea that I have more than enough a tangible reality. Therefore, I always have more than enough.

And there are always plenty of worthy organizations and people to give money and/or time to. So, I pick one in about three different categories and become a regular contributor. When a charitable group can count on regular income they’re better at planning and executing their mission and spend less time and money fund raising.

Economic development is a natural for me so I spend time as a financial literacy volunteer in my local area, donate monthly to a grassroots organization, , that helps African children become educated and self-sufficient and send the Best Friends animal shelter a monthly gift ’cause dogs and cats can’t really take care of themselves!

To what groups and how do you like to give? Let us know about organizations you think deserve support in the comments.

Live Long and Prosper,

Leah the Money Diva




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