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The Virtuoso
Most are determined, dependable, structured, professionals who are well educated, and goal oriented but lack financial organization.
They often spend impulsively and emotionally to alleviate frustration or depression or because they feel entitled.

Ask yourself these questions: YES=Virtuoso
If you receive a large cash gift, would your first response be
“Thanks! Now I can buy that awesome (fill in the blank) I’ve been dreaming of!” ?
Do you regularly say to yourself:
“I’m so busy making money, I don’t have time to manage it too!” ?
How would you feel if a friend asked to borrow a rather large sum of money? Flattered? Would you agree (without checking your bank balances)?
When you find something you love, or really need, but can’t afford right now, do you buy it anyways?
Do you pick up more than your fair share of checks for meals and drinks with friends and colleagues?

The Giver
Generous and virtuous, a giver’s life revolves around friends and family, not acquiring things or experiences. Money is seen as a “necessary evil” and financial planning doesn’t seem worth much time and effort once the basic living expenses are covered.

Ask yourself these questions: YES=Giver
Have you loaned money, without being repaid, to coworkers or friends, repeatedly?
Do you regularly give money to streetside or stop-light beggars (or feel guilty if you don’t)?
Have you put off creating a long-term savings and investment plan?
Is money the “root of all evil”?
When a favorite charity sends an emergency appeal for donations, do you send the check before checking your bank balance?

An Inquirer
If you believe the world is a scary place and one false move could spell disaster, you may be an inquirer. Control is a top priority, perfectionism a regular practice. Missed opportunities abound because you’re never able to know (for sure) you’re making the best possible choice!

Ask yourself these questions: YES =Inquirer
Do you always travel with an agenda and a schedule?
Do you always know, within $10, how much you have in your bank accounts?
Have you put off opening an investment account until you can research all your options?
Have you been accused of falling victim to “analysis paralysis”?
Does the thought of making an error give you a negative physical reaction (hives, sweaty palms, upset stomach)?

Often the life of the party (or, just as likely, the party giver), quick, impulsive decisions indicate an action taker not a planner. Shopping can be addictive and, without a budget or even a way to keep track of purchases, debt can build rapidly if funds are limited.

Ask yourself these questions: (NO answers = Spontaneous)
Have you ever made a budget? Have you reviewed it recently (ever)?
Have you ever used the tagline “you can’t take it with you” to justify a purchase?
Do you save money from your paychecks and other income?
Do you only shop when necessary?
Do you know the total amount owed on your credit cards?