#1 Money Mistake that Ruins Retirements

People screw up their finances in so many ways, it’s hard to pick the #1 mistake but, IMHO, Failing to Plan is the worst. The corollary is Planning to Fail by not actually doing anything to implement your plan. We all know (at least rationally), that we should have been saving for old age/retirement/financial freedom … Read more

Do You Fear Retirement? Most Women in the USA Do…

homeless woman

Most women in the USA are afraid they’ll end up a bag lady (homeless and destitute) in old age. A recent survey of women, across all economic classes, revealed that 76% of all middle-aged women fear becoming destitute in retirement.  WHY?? Because we don’t know how to deal with several key variables that can help … Read more

How the Heck Can We Plan Health Care Expenses as We Age??

For many of us, the fear of being too old and too sick weighs heavy on our retirement planning. We want to enjoy our golden years! We feel we’ve earned some time off! But, the second, and potentially most expensive, unknown financial planning variable is what decent and potentially lifesaving healthcare will cost us in … Read more