What’s MY Financial Type?

financial personality Had a chance to take a quick quiz offered by an exhibitor at the FinCon15 financial blogger conference.

I think mine came out pretty accurate!


It says:

As The Adventurer, you’re happiest when you’re learning and discovering something new. You’re always studying, innovating, and creating new things. You strive to solve old problems with new answers and are always open to new ideas. You approach life with a very “I’ll try anything once” mentality. Starting new projects is great, but you can have trouble following them through to completion. Some people may not follow your life approach, but you always take criticism lightly because you never stopPayoff-financial-personality-quiz believing in yourself.

Being The Adventurer means you typically keep a loose hold on your finances. You don’t really enjoy the details of financial planning, but that doesn’t mean you have terrible financial habits. You keep track of your income and spending, pay your bills on time, and hardly ever spend impulsively. After all, how would you fund all your ideas and adventures without money in the bank?

How about you?

Take the free Financial Personality Quiz (click here) and see if it can help you design a better financial life!

Live long and prosper, Leah the MoneyDiva.com

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