What’s Stopping You – Budgeting and Planning Obstacles

It’s hard to find anyone who’s willing to argue that planning and goal setting won’t help secure a better, more secure, financial future. So why do so many of us fail to plan?

Manana/tomorrow is the most common excuse people make when asked to spend time planning, goal setting and budgeting. We’ve always got more pressing things to do today.

Problem is, successful 21st century living requires that we overcome some pretty strong biological impulses – some of which helped us (as a species) get to the 21st century!

Recently, I found an interesting academic site ( http://squaredawayblog.bc.edu/curious ) that explores what successful financial planners do to prepare for a comfortable retirement. They’re REALLY trying to be user friendly and, you’ll probably learn a thing or two about yourself and your retirement planning process. (Hint: Chose the fruit…).

Live Long & Prosper, Leah, the MoneyDiva.com

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